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EG_Stonegallows Veterinary Physiotherapy

Somerset, Devon and Dorset. 

Please contact to check location.

Specialist physiotherapy services for horse, hound and human. 

How can we help....

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Are you noticing changes in your pets behaviour? Has your dog stopped jumping on the furniture, perhaps your horse has stopped socialising in the paddock?


Have you noticed your horse showing reluctance or unwillingness on one rein or having a pole down showjumping. Maybe you've noticed a difficulty coming up or down hills?


Is your dog lagging behind on familiar walks, have they stopped some of their usual routines or behaviours or is he/she unable to do their job?


All of these can be signs of discomfort or pain - and we can help. As physiotherapists we specialise in assessing the way your animal moves, how their muscles and joints feel together with their behaviour to assess for pain or performance limitations. 

We work alongside your veterinarian to bring the best care to you. 

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Find out more about treatments and conditions treated

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All the photographs you see on this website are friends and family of Stonegallows Veterinary Physiotherapy


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