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We are on the RAMP register

A new safe choice for animals

The RAMP register was established in 2016 as an important new register that helps animal owners and vets.

The Register for Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) lists professionals using Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Physiotherapy techniques for animals. The Register provides easy access to more than 350 approved practitioners covering all parts of the UK to make sure your animals are getting the very best.

Gold Standard Practice

All those listed have reached the Gold Standard of practice set by RAMP. This national organisation’s standards are comparable to those set worldwide. They are recognised by vets as providing the level of practice quality that vets feel is required for a safe referral.

The list is available on the website and is free to use. It is organised by geographical area to show practitioners who travel around that area. Where available, links to practitioners' websites are provided, making it easy to find out more about them.

Previous Problems

The reason the RAMP register was started was because DEFRA were concerned that the musculoskeletal sector contained multiple competing types of practice. The wide variety caused confusions for animal owners and potentially put animals at risk.

They also felt the situation was hindering essential cooperation, liaison and interaction between vets and practitioners.

Musculoskeletal treatment should only be carried out by people who are appropriately competent, the register allows you to check your practitioner, if they aren't on the list it might be time they applied for it. The aim is to try to bring all animal musculoskeletal practitioners to the same standard avoiding undue pain, distress or suffering to the animal for poor treatment.

Informed Choice

Vets and animal owners can now find an appropriately competent person to provide the services they require.

The register listing will only show practitioners who are properly qualified and insured. This makes it easier for owners and professionals to make an informed choice.

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