EG_Stonegallows Veterinary Physiotherapy

Equine Appointments 

Equine initial assessments £60

these last 1 - 1& 1/2 hours and are conducted at your yard. 

Equine follow ups £55

these typically last 1 hour

Rider assessments

Rider assessments include an on and off horse assessment at your own yard, followed by a personalised rehabilitation programme. These allow us to identify asymmetries and imbalances between you and your horse and can be used to enhance performance for all levels of riders. 

Typically lasting 1- 1&1/2 hours and cost £50 

Canine Appointments 

Canine initial assessments and follow ups £50 

these last approximately 1 hour and are conducted at your house.

Please be aware that sometime sessions may run over but also that some sessions may be shorter - this is due to the animals personal requirements and responses to treatment. If you have any questions regarding this please ask! 

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