EG_Stonegallows Veterinary Physiotherapy

What to expect?


Before assessing your animal we will need to obtain consent from your veterinarian. This is normal practice so don't worry and this allows us to communicate freely with your vet about your animal.

At the initial appointment Emily will need to see your animal moving so be prepared, she then may ask you to do some specific movements to allow further assessment. 

Part of Physiotherapy is then to assess joint movement and soft tissue quality looking for any restrictions or painful areas. 


After the assessment Emily will begin treatment as appropriate. 

This may consist of joint mobilisations, soft tissue mobilisations, trigger point therapy or fascial manipulation. Electrotherapy such as muscle stimulation, laser or electromagnetic therapy may be used in conjunction with manual therapy to enhance results. 

In addition to manual and electrotherapy, specific exercises may be advised to help improve range of movement, challenge balance or strengthen following treatment 

Follow Up

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Depending on the outcome of the assessment and the interventions used Emily would normally suggest a follow up appointment which may be over a period of weeks or months. This will also depend on the nature of any injuries and the pace of recovery anticipated. 

If you have any questions regarding this then please contact us and we can help to answer them.